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Red sparkles in Maine

Here’s some of favorite photos Jordan and I took from this week’s activities around Portland.

My L.L. Bean red sneakers purchased for about $12 (on sale) from llbean.com

Wild daises on Mackworth Island

What a great view of the bay!

Lovely white tree bark on the island

Jordan admiring the coast

On the ferry to Peaks Island

It sure is windy!

Looking too cool for school

We rented bikes on the honor system

Biking the 4-mile loop

Lobster pods

Spiky twig

"Look mom, it's a boat!"

New England prep

Too good-looking not to be poisonous

Taking advantage of low-tide in York, Maine


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Fresh Pie

Preview on juicy cultural snacks in the North Carolina/Greensboro area I plan to blog about in the upcoming weeks:

North Carolina textile industry: A dying breed? Hope not. The textile industry’s newspaper ceased publication–just this week!

North Carolina Blueberry Festival (Pender County): Okay. Fine. The blueberry-themed action took place in June, but still worthy for discussion. I’m apprehensive on organic fruit, but let’s see how open-minded I can be.

Greensboro farmer’s market: Enticing mega farmer’s market.

Herbie’s Place

Dan River: River floating trip

Natty’s Greene’s: Everything’s green around here.

My take on organic red wine: No sulfites.

My part-time job: Serving at the Starmount Country Club.

Red Velvet Fire Ants a.k.a. DEADLY.

Geese just won’t get out of my way.

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